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Imagine a world 

where you could enhance your overall wellness

Nanobionic is the next generation of bio functional materials that combines science, technology and nature

What is nanobionic technology ?

Nanobionic® technology is a blend of natural minerals that are applied as a soft coating on the mattress cover and transforms your body heat into Far Infrared Rays—reflected back to you as invisible waves of energy. Far Infrared Rays are unique in their ability to soothe and stimulate the human body, helping you feel more energized, and more well rested when you wake    

What are the benefits of sleeping on a mattress with Nanobionic® Technology?

Referred to as both “active recovery” and “smart fabric,” Nanobionic® technology harnesses and recycles the body’s natural energy throughout the sleep cycle. Nanobionic® technology is designed to help:

• Promote a temporary increase in local blood flow
• Enhance faster recovery
• Promote restful sleep
• Increase general Well-being.

Nanobionic has been
selected by NASA iTech
as one of the
Top 10 most innovative
companies in the world

that could impact
Space exploration

13 International Awards

Products powered by Nanobionic technology have been determined  by the FDA to be General Wellness Product

get ready to enjoy
sleep to the fullest

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